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Model #SL5HS

1200 Lumen Lithium Ion Rechargeable LED Spotlight

The STANLEY SL5HS 5-Watt rechargeable LED spotlight provides up to 1200 lumens of ultra-bright illumination. It also features a power-saving halo mode utilizing 8 ambient LEDs, offering up to 1 hour on High Beam and up to 11 Hours on Low Beam. Designed with impact-resistant polymer housing and a pivoting/collapsible stand for hands-free operation, it's an ideal solution for significant projects, emergencies, power outages, or nighttime outdoor activities. Included with AC and DC chargers, you can conveniently power up at home or utilize your car's 12 Volt DC outlet while on the go. Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery within your STANLEY SL5HS maintains its charge for up to 12 months.


  • Ultra-bright LEDs give you up to 1200 lumens of bright light

  • Power-saving halo mode uses 8 ambient LEDs 

  • Up to 11-hours of runtime (on low beam setting)

  • Locking trigger with pivoting/collapsible stand for hands-free use

  • Includes AC & DC charging adapters 

  • Features CLO (Constant Light Output) for maximum lasting brightness

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