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600 Lumens Satellite Rechargeable Li-ION LED Work Light w/ Portable USB Power
Model #SAT3S

• Delivers up to 1000 lumens with 18 ultra-bright LEDs; 5 different modes of lighting: High, low, area (3 light panels only), all (uses all LEDs), or flashing

• 3 panels on work light fold and pivot to light up area; Can fold down to be used as as flashlight 

• Lithium Ion battery stays charged up to 12 months without recharge; Runtime up to 6 hours 

• Includes 3 ways to charge: Two-way USB port, 12 volt DC charging adapter, or 120 volt AC charging adapter all with USB port charging capability 

• Hang with stow away hook or mount to metal surface with magnetic base; Allows hands-free use when it is needed 



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