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Model #SS4LS

600 Peak Amp Lithium Ion Power Station/Jump Starter/Power Bank

Stanley’s Lithium-Ion Jump Starter/Power Bank delivers serious jump-starting power right in the palm of your hand. Providing 800 peak battery amps to start your vehicle and with enough battery capacity to recharge up to 10 electronic devices, it offers ample power to jump-start most vehicles, including V6-powered cars and trucks—without requiring assistance from another vehicle. This ultra-compact jump starter easily tucks away in your glove compartment, toolbox, or trunk, serving as the ideal power supply for both everyday use and unexpected emergencies. Equipped with dual high-output USB ports (3.1 Amp total), a practical LED work light, and a heads-up LCD screen displaying real-time information and battery status, it offers versatility. Moreover, the enclosed Smart Start connectors streamline the process, providing integrated reverse polarity protection to ensure safe and correct connections. Just clamp on the cables, turn the key, and the job is done. It's an essential upgrade for every vehicle in your family. Each Stanley SS4LS PowerToGo jumper comes with both AC and DC adapters, enabling recharging from practically anywhere.

  • Delivers 800 Peak Battery Amps of power; enough to jump start most vehicles including V6 powered cars and trucks 

  • Compact lithium-ion jump starter provides up to 20 jumps starts before recharging 

  • Holds 90% charge for over a year

  • Reverse polarity alarm alerts when there is an improper connection; connect clamps to the battery, turn on the switch, and start your vehicle 

  • Ultra-compact design that fits in your glove box; includes both AC and DC adapters to recharge and heavy-duty smart cables

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