1.5 Amp Battery Maintainer

Model #BC209

  • 1.5 Amp high frequency maintainer/ charger

  • Automatically charges and keeps battery at optimal charge

  • Sealed and conformal coated to protect against moisture, corrosion, dust and oil

  • Hanging Hook, Magnet and Mouting brackets for ease of use

  • 3 Ways to Charge: Battery Clamps, 12 Volt DC Plug, and Battery Ring Terminals

  • Automtically compensates for lower voltage caused by extension cords

  • Reverse Polarity Indicator


1.5 Amp Maintainer

6 Amp Charger

with 8 amp Boost

8 Amp Automatic Charger & Maintainer 


6-48 Volt Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery Charger


40 Amp Automatic

Battery Charger with

110 Amp Engine Start

25 Amp Automatic

Battery Charger with

75 Amp Engine Start

New 15 Amp Automatic

Battery Charger w/ 

40 Amp Engine Start

New 25 Amp Automatic

Battery Charger w/

75 Amp Engine Start