15 Amp Automatic Battery Charger 

Model #BC1509

  • 15 Amp high frequency charger


  • Quick Start Timer automatically counts down to show when vehicle is ready to start 


  • Automatically selects charge rate from 0 to 15 Amps to maximize battery life, charge speed and maintenance


  • Simple select functions: charger /quick start timer / battery test / recondition

  • LCD Digital display shows battery status

  • Automatically compensates for lower voltage caused by extension cords

  • Reverse polarity protection


6 Amp Charger

with 8 amp Boost

1.5 Amp Maintainer

8 Amp Automatic Charger & Maintainer 

6-48 Volt Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery Charger


40 Amp Automatic

Battery Charger with

110 Amp Engine Start

25 Amp Automatic

Battery Charger with

75 Amp Engine Start

15 Amp Automotic

Battery Charger with Engine Start Timer