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Bringing Innovation, Marketing & Manufacturing Together For Less. 

This is the cornerstone of Baccus Global. It is our mission to provide to our customer the best products available at the best prices. We are dedicated to keeping out in front of the innovation curve and leading the way; from developing new products to looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. Making sure our corporate structure and strategies are streamlined and efficient. The result is better products, greater value and less cost to you. 

Products & Innovation - Our products are designed to make your work or project faster, easier and more enjoyable. Not many things are more frustrating than not having the right tools for the job, however, when you do have the right tools it makes your job so much more enjoyable. There are many features that differentiate our products from others, such as a full LCD screen that delivers clear and concise information that is easy to understand; or an air compressor that shuts off once the desired PSI is pressed and achieved. These features have been added based on many hours of research and as well as feedback from you, the actual customer. Many of these features are so unique and forward thinking that we have patented them and will remain the only company bringing them to market. 

Environmental Focus & Forward Thinking, we seek to employ forward thinking technology to create and deliver energy efficient and superior performing products. We continue to be on the fore front of innovation. We also utilize recycling programs for many of our old products with our retail partners. 



United States/ Canada Cusotmer Service

Toll free 1 (877) 571- 2391

M-F 9am – 5 pm EST

Fax: 561-361-4228

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